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Renovating this ground floor apartment in the Paseo de Gracia was a real challenge. We wanted to emphasize the inner courtyard as the central axis. What might seem to be the most negative aspect of the apartment, becomes the key to the project. The main greenery and the carefully designed lighting are key to give the apartment the atmosphere it requires.


Working on a ground floor gives us clues on how to create a bridge between street life and the apartment. For this reason we created a social area, with the kitchen as the main axis, positioned at the front line of the main façade, in this way we can link the life of the street with the life of the apartment. A bench connects the interior space with the exterior in a much more intimate way.


Households are appendices of the city itself. In fact, they are part of it. The social connection between both must be correct so that both the house and the street have the right elements, filters, barriers, etc. to interact in adequate measure and give life and light to each other mutually.

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